This is the third time I have had Otis as service contract over the years, not by choice, and the plain old suck! Work is never performed to par, they are happy to give good service on overtime and inspections go incomplete by months.

Like I said, they suck! I will go with other companies at any time the discretion is put into my court. I have broken every contract for lack of performance. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever would I hire them.

They want alot of words here but pretty easy to sum it up.

If you are currentoy using them you know where I am coming from if you actually look at their equipment. Don't drop anything in the elevator shaft as they will be glad to charge overtime for that as well.

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I'm native American indian and they are not nice to us. :sigh


Dont use Hilton, there are many hotels out there, if you are japanese and complain you get nice upgrades, but if you are white you will be lucky if they dont throw you out, my wife fell on some wet steps and she went and sat down in a lobby chair, she was asked by hotel staff to go to her room and tend to her wound, had she been japanese we would have still been at the hotel enjoying all the freebies they could give to us, I am sick and tired of the crying asian people who think everybody owes them something, stay home america owes you nothing

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